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What is Vinyl Portrait?

Vinyl Portrait is the culmination of many years of artistic growth, and an ever-evolving style of portraiture created on an unlikely surface, vinyl albums. I employ two different mediums to create my work; spray paint, and acrylic paint. I am constantly pushing myself to work with new materials and love the challenge of unconventional surfaces such as metal, or wood.

Each Vinyl Portrait I create is a hand painted one of a kind piece of art. Because of the nature of the materials and processes I use, I do not have prints made. Each piece is unique. I specialize in human portraits that range from your favorite movie star or musician, to loved ones or friends. 

I create custom, commissioned pieces that are made to order with you in mind. Currently, I offer black & white portraits (Please see the “Vinyl” or "Metal" page for examples). My vinyl portraits come custom framed and matted, ready to hang on your wall. If you choose a metal portrait, the plate or plaque will have a hanger permanently attached to the back. 

Who is this guy? 

My name is Adrian Bouchard and I love two things, creating art and my city.

Based out of Tacoma, Washington, I draw inspiration from the people I meet every day, and the experiences I gain from living in such a diverse place. As a result of those interactions, I fuse the essence of urban living with my childhood dream of creating fine art. My greatest influences are  the Art Nouveau movement, street art, comic book art and photorealism painting.


Customer Testimony

"“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

The work of Adrian Bouchard allows us to not only connect to the power of the sense of sound and love of musical expression it also allows us to experience the wonders of the sense of sight through his own artistic expression with Vinyl Portrait. As I consider how I am personally impacted by the power of art I am filled with gratitude that Adrian has chosen to share his incredible talent with us through his art. This work has not only touched me but has also touched the lives of people I love. Many friends and colleagues have commissioned Adrian and after hearing their incredible personal testimony about their experience I knew that this was the perfect, unique and special gift to give my husband. The collaboration and partnership that led up to him sitting down and creating made the experience extra special. Then, to see how he brought Trey Anastasio and Jerry Garcia to life through his work was incredible. Adrian's work, like music, expresses that which cannot be put into words and should not and cannot remain silent. May Adrian continue to create and share his gift with us all so we too can more fully express ourselves and no longer be silent."  -Michelle

"Since high school I have dreamed of having a tetraptych of the four seasons but have never had the confidence in myself to produce a work I would be happy with. When I met Adrian and first saw his paintings I knew I could trust his talent to compose my dream pieces. Throughout the process Adrian was focused on meeting my desires and respecting my request to know nothing of the paintings until they had been completed. He found a balance between asking questions about small preferences (labels in French or English, for example) that did not give away the details of the painting. Instead he found a way to share his enthusiasm and pride in a way that maintained my sense of excitement. His professionalism in this regard carried through to the transactional business. We spent time discussing a quote openly and realistically discussing materials and time. Throughout the process Adrian kept me updated on any changes from the initial expectation of time to complete as well as how those changes would ideally reflect in the pricing of the commission. Overall I couldn't have asked for a more seamless experience!"   -Geoff